*NEW* 🎃Candy Corn Halloween sensory box available now in spookily limited quantities! *NEW* Candy Corn Halloween sensory box available now in spookily limited quantities!

Play-based, hands-on learning in every box that targets:

Fine Motor Skills*

*gross motor skills are emphasised in Mini Boxes

VisuoMotor Integration

Sensory Integration

Language & Social Development

Early Maths Concepts

Pre-reading & Pre-writing Skills

Literacy Engagement

Prepaid Subscription
Prepaid Subscription

Prepaid Subscription


Themed, monthly sensory boxes are filled with a variety of hands-on, engaging sensory bases, high-quality toys and tools for children aged 6 months through 7 years PLUS an activity guide to support their playful learning.  Curated by a teacher, monthly boxes are designed to engage your young child's senses, captivate their imagination , prompt inquiry and stimulate their physical and cognitive growth across a variety of areas important in early childhood development. 

How it works

Monthly subscribers receive a new themed box each month, ensuring your child continues to be excited and engaged with hands-on, playful learning that supports their interest and learning around a variety of age-appropriate topics.  Boxes are packed on the 10th of each month and you'll receive yours within a few days!

Prepaid subscriptions are not eligible for cancellation.  For a more flexible option, please check out our monthly subscription option, here.

Safety First!

Sensory boxes are intended to be enjoyed alongside or under the supervision of a caregiver-especially for our youngest children who will naturally require more assistance and close monitoring as they play.  Mini Boxes contain taste-safe ingredients and are free from major choking hazards; Preschooler+ Boxes contain small parts and toys that can be choking hazards for children under the age of 3 and are not taste-safe.

Never leave a child under the age of 3 unsupervised when playing with their sensory box materials! Always keep your child in eyesight, even during independent play. 

Messy Mama Art and Sensory Play assumes NO responsibility for damage or injury incurred as a result of misuse of our products. 

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